Wonosidi : The Leading Circular Economy Village

Wonosidi : The Leading Circular Economy Village


This pilot project held in Wonosidi village Pacitan Regency East Java province of Indonesia started ….  up to … Its goal is to …. It aims to … It led by Webri Veliana, the CEO  & Founder of Greenwave NGO (a waste management and environmental preservation non-profit organization) as one of 25 delegations of Australia Awards Indonesia for “Tackling Marine Pollution Issues through Recycling” Short Term Award, and a cohort of Women’s Earth Alliance Indonesia Accelerator 2020.

The project involved …

In sort, this project …The Greenwave Method, further … Smart City Pacitan



To ensure the goal works sustainable, our organization shall attain 3 (three) objectives:


Adaptation to pandemic:

The Approach Taken



Main results:


Learnt Lessons and Sustainability

Lessons Learnt:

Plan to sustain the project into future: