Recycle Storages for 16 Villages of Java Island


Indonesia has been being the second biggest plastic waster in the World, after China. Those plastic mostly end up in the ocean. It formed gigantic plastic soup, which travels arround the world. It kills marine lifes. Seafoods deliver poissons into our plates. Our children are on danger. We need to stop this catasthropy. Greenwave NGO strives to facilitate people in Pacitan regency to sort their waste from home. By donating to this project you save the planet earth from the household levels.


11 of 12 districts in Pacitan regency are out of the service of Waste Transportation Trucks from the Environmental Agency. Majority of small towns experience the same. People in 16 villages of Tulakan district recently sort their waste at home on waste sorting bags/recycle bags made by themselves. They hope to put those anorganic waste on the right cycle, yet the absence of further infrastructure is being one of the big obstacles. Accumulation of sorted waste in their home creates new problems.


Greenwave NGO helps 16 villages of Tulakan district by provides free seminars and workshops, and to build a recycle storage for each Village’s Trash Bank, 6 schools, 2 traditional markets, and 2 tourism objects. People can send their sorted waste from home to the recycle storages. Recycle-able will be distributed and proccesed into economic products, hazardous to be distributed to special handlers and residual to be sent to the sanitary landfill. It provides villagers ecofriendly business.

Long-Term Impact

Greenwave NGO hopes to take learning and experiences from this 2019 pilot project, to expand best practices in other 11 districts in Pacitan regency in 2020, and later across the entire Republic of Indonesia. Every group of Environmental Worker Social Community/EWSC in every village in Indonesia ensures effective implementation of Waste Management, Environmental Preservation and Economy Development in the grassroot level. It delivers harmony between humans, nature and economy accross the nation.



$ 20 Your donation will provide basic tools, motorbike’s fuel and meals for a team of educators/volunteers which deliver an education/workshop session from village to village

$ 70 Your donation will pay a room for Development Consultants from Oxford during field trip research at Pacitan regency for a week

$ 100 You are kind! Your donation will buy a sewing machine for a woman to convert waste into fashionable bags, clutchs and other valuable handcrafts

$ 250 You are generous! Your donation will provide a group of villager women complete trainings of eco-friendly micro-bussiness, team building, management and to registrate their group to the Notary

$ 500 You are superb! Your donation will provide a group of villager women capital to buy waste from households and begin a recycling business. A group of women for every village.

$ 1500 You are a hero ! Your donation will deliver 52 seminars & workshops of “Waste Management & Environmental Preservation” include supporting materials and tools for a village, once a week for a year.

$ 2,000 You are a super star! Your donation will send and accomodate 1 Development Consultant to perform environmental and ecopreneurship researches and development services from Oxford to Pacitan.

$ 3000 You are an angel! Your donation will completely help a village to set up a sustainable waste management system, by provide complete education, recycle storage and eco-friendly bussiness.

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